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Andy Barnett (BSc), President

This page describes how Andy works and how he might do a roof—or repair for you.

Tidiness :

One aspect of Lakes of Muskoka Roofing that differentiates it from other roofing companies is its tidiness and cleanliness on the job site. This is especially appreciated by homeowners with gardens and nearby neighbors.

Andy Barnett has been our family roofer for over 20 years having installed a new roof for my sister, another for our daughter, and also on three homes we own. We are grateful for the care Andy takes in keeping his job sites clean and tidy, and for disposing of the debris of old roofing automatically as a matter of course.

Jack Elliott
Toronto & Bracebridge

Quality Procedures :

Andy's brand choice for shingles and other roofing products is IKO, a major company that has been in business since 1950. Equally as important as the quality of materials is how they are used, and this is one area in which Andy sets himself apart. Andy is committed to quality work. This may mean running a protective layer under the shingles when needed, or caulking the flashing around a chimney.

Disposing of Old Shingles :

It is almost always better to take off a roof's old shingles before installing new ones. This prolongs the life of the new shingles, reduces potential problems resulting from the old shingles, and even improves the roof aesthetically.

How a roof is put on is essentially what sets roofers apart. And because Andy doesn't cut corners, he is a reliable choice for home owners and others who want someone they can trust.

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