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Andy Barnett (BSc), President

Wondering if it's time to do your roof? Or do you need a repair? Let us share some information with you that may help you decide.

Leaks :

Leaks most commonly occur around chimneys, at wall junctions, and towards the edge of the roof. If your roof is under 12-15 years old and it has a leak, you may only need a repair. If it's older than this, though, and you're having problems with leaks, it's probably time to replace the whole roof.

A blistering shingle

A cracked shingle

Common Signs of Deterioration :

The condition of a roof's shingles can be tested against a number of factors. Are your shingles cracked, torn, faded, curling or blistering? Are the nails holding them on loose or coming out? Is the flashing around your chimneys, vent pipes or wall junctions letting in water? Are there gaps or cracks in caulked areas? Are there holes in the valleys? If so, it may be time to get a new roof, especially if the one you have now has served you for a long time.

Roof Life :

Most roofs need to be done simply because their shingles are too old. The average shingle roof life is 15-20 years, but this varies from roof to roof. Some asphalt shingle roofs last over 20 years. If a roof looks bad and is 15 years old, it's probably time to replace. On the other hand, if a roof of the same age looks fine, it may well be.

This roof is in very poor condition. The shingles are crumbling and falling off, and the valley has severely deteriorated.

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